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texas hog huntsWild hog hunting in Texas has become a favorite style of hunting and there are a lot of great reasons why. Because of the tremendous population of hogs in Texas there is absolutely no way to control the numbers unless trapping and hunting of hogs in Texas is done aggressively and regularly. This is great news for those who love to hunt hogs in Texas! Here are a few of the reasons why you should consider hunting hogs in Texas with here at our ranch:

  • We keep a target rich environment of wild hogs. Our numbers of some of the best in Texas!
  • We treat you like part of the family when you come hunt hogs with us.
  • We believe that your success is ours and so we do everything possible to make sure your hog hunt here in Texas is a huge success!
Texas Premiere Boar Hunting Ranch

Have you decided it’s finally time to go on a wild boar hunt? Whether it’s time to see what all the talk is about , check it off your bucket list or you’re a seasoned wild boar hunter, you have come to the right ranch!

“Your success is our success.”

The Workin Man’s Ranch boasts a 90’s% success rate on the wild boar hunts and a hunter’s return rate which is unheard of in the industry! We specialize in successfully hunting wild boar and have been for over 12 years.

We Hunt Wild Boar Year Round

Wild boar can and are hunted 365 days of the year at The Workin Man’s Ranch. We are known for our quality boar hunts and have dedicated ourselves to insure the ranch is always ready for our hunters. We feed year round. We utilize feeders, corn the roads and use bait piles.

This isn’t a part time obsession for us…we aren’t cattle ranchers looking to make a little extra money or farmers looking to help make ends meet with a few hunts. Wild boar hunting is our full time job!

Are Wild Boar Hunts Affordable?

texas hog huntsThe Workin Man’s Ranch is VERY affordable! We started the ranch with a goal of making hunting affordable for everyone and work diligently to keep our prices down. At the Dos you never have to worry about trophy fees or hidden costs. We have NO trophy fees. You can harvest any size animal and not worry about how much extra it will cost you.   We just want you to make great memories while you’re at the ranch.

Click here to view our wild boar hunting packages.

What‘s included with my wild boar hunt?

Our wild boar hunts are a 2 day minimum and include:

2 days hunting / 2 nights lodging / 2 wild boar ANY size with NO trophy fees $400 per hunter

(Additional days can be added to this hunt at $200 daily. Or if you prefer you can add additional wild boar to the 2 day package at $150 each.)

All the hunts at the ranch are semi-guided. We take you out and pick you up from the hunting area.   We are set up to where you can skin and quarter your animals yourselves using the skinning shed, electric hoists and stainless steel tables OR you can have us skin and quarter at an additional cost per animal. And YES the meat is wonderful!

Don’t know how to skin a wild boar? We have had so many requests that Brice/Ranch Manager did a thorough how-to video. Click here to view.

hog hunting in texasLodging at the ranch is included in your package. Our lodge is clean and comfortable and offers a fully stocked kitchen for you to use…just bring your groceries. We offer 4 rooms with 4 beds and an attached bath for each room. Clean sheets, towels and pillows are also provided. If you prefer to completely relax and enjoy your hunting experience you can request that we cook for you at an additional cost per hunter. Just let us know at the time of booking so we can plan ahead for your southern home cooked meals.

How we hunt

We hunt out of stands for the morning and evening hunts. If you prefer to spot and stalk you can do this during the mid-day hours. Bow hunters will be in quad pods 6-8 feet off the ground with a 20-25 yard shot. Gun hunters will be primarily on the ground in a brush, box or pop-up blind. The average shot distance for our gun hunters is 50-60 yards. We hunt over feeders, corned road and/or bait piles.

How to book your wild boar hunt

We have an online calendar to view available dates. After you pick your available dates give us a call at (325) 200-4838 to give us your dates and information. We require a 50% deposit to hold your spots. We welcome single hunters and small groups. If you have a larger group and want to insure the hunting area is exclusive to your group note that 6 hunters books the ranch to yourselves. We can accommodate up to 8 hunters at a time.

What else do I need to know?

Texas Parks and Wildlife (have a link that goes to the license needed) requires that you have a 5 day non game special license. It’s $48/adult and $7/child. The license can be purchased at TPW or you can purchase your license at any Walmart after you cross the state line of Texas. We generally direct people to stop at the Walmart in Sweetwater which is 10 miles away from the ranch. Or if you come from the other direction you can stop in Abilene at the Walmart off I-20. Both stores are well versed in issuing licenses to our hunters!