Why You Should Hunt With Us

Thanks for checking out our Texas wild hog hunts at Dos Plumas Ranch! We like to refer to ourselves as “The Working Man’s Ranch.” Like most of our hunters, we work hard for a living and understand the importance of getting the best value in a hunt for your money.

Several years ago when my wife and I started talking about developing a hunting ranch I knew immediate what I wanted to offer. I wanted to offer quality hunting in a target rich environment at a fair and affordable price…a hunting ranch that would focus on the average working hunter. I knew just as well what I didn’t want to offer: hidden costs and mandatory fees like most other hunting ranches. So we developed our hunting ranch with that idea in mind. There are no hidden fees, trophy fees or mandatory extra fees at Dos Plumas Ranch!

My 45+ years of hunting experience has taught me what hunters want and don’t want in their hunting experiences. I set up Dos Plumas Ranch to try to meet the needs of experienced wild hog hunters as well as those new to hunting wild hogs. I truly want our hunters to be successful and bring home the bacon so to speak! Any hunting ranch has a goal of getting you to hunt their ranch at least once….at Dos Plumas Ranch we want you to come back again and again…making memories along the way with your family, friends, children and grandchildren!

Come check us out if you haven’t already! We’ll show you some good ole’ Texas hospitality while your filling up your coolers with some tasty Texas wild pork!