Texas Hog Hunting

texas hog hunt Everyone wants to come to Texas to hunt wild hogs! Every year it seems wild hog hunting grows in popularity and we continue to expand to meet those demands. I always tell people if you’ve never hunted wild hogs….you’ll be addicted once you do! It’s a fun, affordable and low impact hunt! People of all ages and skill levels can enjoy the high shot opportunity rate at Dos Plumas Hunting Ranch.

We believe there are many reasons you should come hunt wild hogs with us!

-You’ve heard the saying “Everything is bigger in Texas.” It really is! And that includes our wild hogs! We have a vast number of wild hogs in our state!

-Texas wild hog hunting is very affordable. We pride ourselves in offering one of, if not THE most affordable hunts for wild hogs. Others may advertise cheaper rates to get you to their ranch but have hidden and/or mandatory fees once you get there. We don’t work that way. We have NO hidden fees. We have NO trophy fees. We have NO mandatory per pound cleaning fee. We have NO gimmicks! At Dos Plumas wild hog hunting ranch you can choose to be on a budget and save a bit of money OR we can do it all for you and you can be on vacation. In either case, there will be no surprises in the cost of the hunt. The affordable cost of our hunts insures you can afford to take your family and friends and start making those memories!

-Texas is a very hunter friendly state and wild hogs can be hunted year round. In fact, we do hunt year round…this is all we do! We aren’t farmers or ranchers who offer hunts on the side. We specialize in offering our hunters ample opportunities to harvest some wild boars and fill up those freezers or hang on the wall. All you need to bring with you to the ranch is your weapon of choice and a 5 day non resident special hunting license. You can purchase your over the counter license online at Texas Parks and Wildlife or at any Walmart after your cross the state line. Most of our hunters buy their license at the Walmart near us which is about 10 miles away. The cost is $48/adult and $7/16 and under. Click here to see the current Texas hunting license information and also to BUY ONLINE

-Wild hogs are smart animals and hunters have to be smarter! Every year we harvest 1000’s of wild hogs and understand it takes patience and some good ole Texas style grit to bring down a big boar! It’s all about the shot placement.

-Have you ever tried wild hog meat? Every wild hog regardless of size can and SHOULD be eaten! It’s a healthy, tasty clean meat that’s a delicacy! Our favorite way to eat wild hogs at the ranch is to smoke them in our big Texas sized smoker. But you can grill it, slow cook it, have it ground up for sausage of any kind….whatever way you decide to cook it I think you’ll love it! We sure do!

Texas wild hog hunting is a growing sport with a huge appeal to seasoned as well as new hunters! It’s a fun yet challenging hunt regardless of your skill level.
Come see what the wild hog hunting addiction at Dos Plumas Ranch is all about!