Baptism By Fire!!


Texas Hog Hunting

Andy from Colorado got a little “baptism by fire” while hunting Texas wild hogs at the Dos!

It’s not every day that you see a first time hunter…first time harvesting an animal and first time big game hunting… jump right in!   Andy shot some great meat hogs while visiting the ranch with his friends.  When it came time to skin and quarter he was a little anxious but jumped right in elbow deep!  Most first time hunters have to have step by step guidance when it comes to the dirty work but Andy jumped right in!  When it got a little tough he had a few moments where he got a little hesitant but with a little *tough love* from Brice he pulled it off!   Now he’s got a story at the Dos!

Congrats Andy on your Texas wild hog hunt at the Dos!

Feild and Stream April 2014 Issue

We are SO proud to be in Field and Stream magazine about our Nebraska turkey hunting! We are more than HONORED! Check it out…Sit or Sneak in the Turkey Handbook!

Thanks @FieldandStream!

More interesting facts…

We’ve had a great week at the Dos with plenty of hogs down!

For those of you who participated in the raffle to benefit Cooper and help out with his therapy we will be doing the drawing tomorrow! Stay tuned….

Until then, did you know that Texas alone has over 2,000,000 (million!) wild hogs?

Turkey Hunting Tip #6

I have to add here that we sit on the front every morning for our coffee/devotional and listen to the turkey gobbling as they are coming off their roost. It’s just awesome to hear! I can’t wait for season to start….I must start practicing my calls!!

Tip #6….

Avoid hunting on a windy day. The turkeys can’t hear you call on a windy day, and they won’t gobble.

Turkey Hunting Tip #5

Know the range of your weapon. Make sure that the turkey is as close as possible before taking your shot.

It’s been a great November!

Hog hunting on the Texas ranch has been awesome…lots of good times and lots of wild Texas hogs down!

It’s hard to believe that it’s almost Thanksgiving.  Time really does fly…I hope that’s not a side effect of my advancing age!  lol   It’s hard being a perpetual 39 year old!

In addition to hog and ram hunting on the Texas ranch, we’ve been busy building a lodge in Nebraska.  We are loaded with mule and whitetail…also turkey.  We’re going to develop the place for chukar and pheasants as well.   It’s exciting to watch the new place develop!  We do postings of the progress on Facebook so “like us” on our homepage and you can watch what’s happening on the Texas ranch as well as the Nebraska ranch.

Blessings to you and your family!  Enjoy the holidays and stay safe….Lori

7 Year Anniversary!

Wow…how time flies! It’s our 7 year anniversary today! We’d both like to extend a heart-felt thanks to those who have hunted with us over the past 7 years…we’ve had great success with the hog and ram hunts and God willing will have many more years of success!
We are so honored to have met those who have hunted with us and to have made so many great friends over the years.
Glasses up to many more years of affordable quality hunting! Woo-hoo!!
Allen and Lori