Baptism By Fire!!


Texas Hog Hunting

Andy from Colorado got a little “baptism by fire” while hunting Texas wild hogs at the Dos!

It’s not every day that you see a first time hunter…first time harvesting an animal and first time big game hunting… jump right in!   Andy shot some great meat hogs while visiting the ranch with his friends.  When it came time to skin and quarter he was a little anxious but jumped right in elbow deep!  Most first time hunters have to have step by step guidance when it comes to the dirty work but Andy jumped right in!  When it got a little tough he had a few moments where he got a little hesitant but with a little *tough love* from Brice he pulled it off!   Now he’s got a story at the Dos!

Congrats Andy on your Texas wild hog hunt at the Dos!

Nice 10 point Jake!

We sure are happy to have Jake back at the ranch. He got himself a nice 10 point with his bow. Awesome…awesome! You stay safe Jake…and thank you for your service. We are very proud to host our active duty and veterans!
God bless!


We hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving day and took some time to reflect on their blessings in this life. Blessings come in all shapes and forms!

Well, the weather has been cooler and we’ve been pretty well swamped at the skinning shed…so that’s great news! Be sure to check out the gallery page to see our latest harvests.

Tomorrow starts another day of dozen work and thinning out the cedars. Last week we made a new shooting range for our guests. It looks great!

Opening Dove Weekend…

We had a great opening weekend with an awesome group of guys from DFW coming out. We have lots of birds flying and despite 20 mile an hour winds on the second day the guys were still able to shoot 13-15 birds each.

We scouted out one of our other fields for the next group coming in and it’s looking good with lots of birds. It should be another great hunt!

It’s official!

We will be offering dove hunting this season. These fields are awesome!
You can give Brice a shout at 806-778-5949 to talk about hunting packages for dove…as well as Texas hog hunting.

Dove hunting!

We have had tons of phone calls this year about dove hunting.

I think we have finally found the right place! I’ll let you know more tomorrow but it’s 200 acres of milo and sunflowers……

What’s going on??

Well, we are in the full swing of summer! Brice is married and back from his honeymoon and now it’s time for summer chores. I know that’s a nasty word but we have to work hard to put back into the ranch.
We have been crazy busy with hog hunters on the Texas ranch this summer but in between those times we are busy sprucing up the lodge…staining the concrete floors, putting up new shower curtains, just some general maintenance to keep it looker fresh and new!
We are also getting ready for whitetail and mule deer hunts at the Nebraska ranch. This is an exciting time for us in Nebraska! We are also adding onto the lodge (completing the second phase) and it should be complete by the time hunting season rolls around.
I’ll keep you posted!