Baptism By Fire!!


Texas Hog Hunting

Andy from Colorado got a little “baptism by fire” while hunting Texas wild hogs at the Dos!

It’s not every day that you see a first time hunter…first time harvesting an animal and first time big game hunting… jump right in!   Andy shot some great meat hogs while visiting the ranch with his friends.  When it came time to skin and quarter he was a little anxious but jumped right in elbow deep!  Most first time hunters have to have step by step guidance when it comes to the dirty work but Andy jumped right in!  When it got a little tough he had a few moments where he got a little hesitant but with a little *tough love* from Brice he pulled it off!   Now he’s got a story at the Dos!

Congrats Andy on your Texas wild hog hunt at the Dos!

Texas Hog Hunting Online Calendar…..

Thanks to everyone who called or emailed to tell us our online calendar wasn’t functioning properly! We now have it fixed and ready to be viewed.

Here’s that link….

Thanks again! Lori

Feild and Stream April 2014 Issue

We are SO proud to be in Field and Stream magazine about our Nebraska turkey hunting! We are more than HONORED! Check it out…Sit or Sneak in the Turkey Handbook!

Thanks @FieldandStream!

Announcing More Hunts!

We are now offering hunts in the DFW area! Drive in or fly in…we’ve got you covered! Check it out….

Dove Hunts
Multiple properties equaling close to 1000 acres in the Cleburne/Glenrose area. You’ll be hunting various terrains ranging from milo, corn, sudan, ponds and fly-ways. Book now for your corporate group. No group too small. Only 45 minutes from DFW area.
2 days hunting and a BBQ Saturday night $200/per hunter.
Day hunts $100 per day.

Turkey/Hog Combo Hunt
Approximately 700 acres in the Glenrose area just 1 hour from the metroplex.
2 days hunting includes 2 birds and 2 hogs $850 per hunter.

Exotic hunting coming hopefully by the end of the year…

See you soon!

LIVE Hog Hunt!! We’re EXCITED!

Bowhunting World and Predator Xtreme are coming to Dos Plumas! That’s right, on March 13th and 14th associate editor Jace Bauserman and his crew will be coming to the ranch to do a little springtime hog hunting. Bauserman, who will be filming the entire hunt, will also be running a live blog to the Dos Plumas website and Facebook Page.
Ever thought of hunting hogs? Want to know exactly what a true Dos Plumas experience is like? Just wanting to follow along and feel the intensity of a semi-live hog hunt? Well, what better way than to follow Bauserman’s semi-live hog hunt on the web? Bauserman will be blogging updates regularly and providing video clips throughout his 48 hour stay with us. When his hunt is over, you will know exactly what life at Dos Plumas is like. Be sure to join us.
The crew will be arriving at the Ranch on the evening of March 12th, and blogging and video clips will begin posting the very next day. Bauserman had this to say, “The power of the web is phenomenal, and I’m so excited about this hunt. It’s going to be a rollercoaster ride, and be sure to check-in often for semi-live updates. It will be fun and very exciting. Be sure to spread the word. I don’t know about you, but when I know someone is posting semi-live updates during a hunt they’re on, I just can’t help but check-in on their progress constantly.”

In case you missed our newsletter…..

Greetings Friends!!!

Next week is Thanksgiving and while we had a chance, we wanted to say Happy Thanksgiving to all of our friends and loyall supporters of the ranch. We hope you all travel safely in the coming weeks and we look forward to seeing you at the ranch.

Speaking of travel, we wanted to include a few game cam photos this time of some bucks who strode across our feeders in the past few weeks.

These are some good looking bucks and they’re just waiting for you here at Dos Plumas.

ONLY $325 A DAY!

$325 Daily (2 Day Minimum)

NO Trophy Fees!
Two Nights Lodging
Meals on your own (full kitchen in lodge)
You may harvest 1 Whitetail Buck, 1 Doe and 1 Hog
Add an extra day of bow hog hunting for $150 —
includes: lodging, hunting and 1 hog any size
Stay another night with no hunting for $35

And since everyone knows we’re famous for our hog hunting, we wanted to include a picture of this beast snapped by one of our cameras on the ranch. That’s a big pig!

Maybe not the type of ham you serve with Thanksgiving dinner, but if you wanted to, you could feed a family of 20…come join us for some Dos Plumas Hog Hunting!

Contact us now and reserve
YOUR spot, or call
Brice or Allen at (806) 778-5949.

Thank you for your support over the years, and we wish you all the happiest of holiday seasons.

May God bless you and yours!

Allen and Lori Williams