Baptism By Fire!!


Texas Hog Hunting

Andy from Colorado got a little “baptism by fire” while hunting Texas wild hogs at the Dos!

It’s not every day that you see a first time hunter…first time harvesting an animal and first time big game hunting… jump right in!   Andy shot some great meat hogs while visiting the ranch with his friends.  When it came time to skin and quarter he was a little anxious but jumped right in elbow deep!  Most first time hunters have to have step by step guidance when it comes to the dirty work but Andy jumped right in!  When it got a little tough he had a few moments where he got a little hesitant but with a little *tough love* from Brice he pulled it off!   Now he’s got a story at the Dos!

Congrats Andy on your Texas wild hog hunt at the Dos!

What’s happening at the Dos?

Well, we have had a busy, busy summer. Since I’ve last posted we have put up a new and improved website AND we have started thinning out the brush on the ranch. Both of these “tasks” are a tall order! Our wonderful SEO Kevin at Brush Country Web has totally revamped our site and we are very happy with it! We still have a few kinks to work out so please be patient as we address them. Also, feel free to let us know if you notice anything “amiss”.

On the thinning out of brush…We have burned 245 big piles of brush since August. The hunters are really liking the increased opportunities to see more pigs and it sure makes spotting and stalking a lot easier!

The leaves have fallen off the trees and we have officially started our busy season! It’s been great seeing the wild hogs get more active and taking those trophy pics after the hunt! Take a look at a few from the past few weeks….

photo 3

photo.JPG nov 2014


Check out our gallery page for pictures of our latest hunters and their harvests.

We hope that everyone has a very Merry Christmas!
We appreciate each and every one of you!
Allen, Brice and Lori


Wow! It’s been a crazy busy summer! Allen has been on the dozer non-stop thinning out the cedar off the ranch in between wild hog hunters and Brice has been busy with his summer chores. This place should be rockin’ by the end of the summer!

Well, Brice has had some time to hunt too….apparently…..lolol. AND now he’s on a 2 week vacation! Take a look at this bruiser he harvested on our free range property.

Brice with his monster wild hog!
Brice with his monster wild hog!

Texas Hog Hunting Online Calendar…..

Thanks to everyone who called or emailed to tell us our online calendar wasn’t functioning properly! We now have it fixed and ready to be viewed.

Here’s that link….

Thanks again! Lori

You spoke…we listened!

We’ve had lots of requests to add meals again…so…we’re building a mess hall! The guys have already started building and it should be complete by the end of February. We’re very excited to add meals the the menu! Woo-hoo!


Can you believe it’s almost 2014?? This year has literally flown by. I guess that happens as you get older! Lol

We have officially started our busy season at the ranch…and…we have also started building a mess hall for our hunters. We have had lots of requests to add meals back to our packages so hopefully by the end of March we will be able to do that.

Keep posted for pics of our hunters and their harvests!

Blessings! Allen and Lori

Nice 10 point Jake!

We sure are happy to have Jake back at the ranch. He got himself a nice 10 point with his bow. Awesome…awesome! You stay safe Jake…and thank you for your service. We are very proud to host our active duty and veterans!
God bless!


We hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving day and took some time to reflect on their blessings in this life. Blessings come in all shapes and forms!

Well, the weather has been cooler and we’ve been pretty well swamped at the skinning shed…so that’s great news! Be sure to check out the gallery page to see our latest harvests.

Tomorrow starts another day of dozen work and thinning out the cedars. Last week we made a new shooting range for our guests. It looks great!

In case you missed our newsletter…..

Greetings Friends!!!

Next week is Thanksgiving and while we had a chance, we wanted to say Happy Thanksgiving to all of our friends and loyall supporters of the ranch. We hope you all travel safely in the coming weeks and we look forward to seeing you at the ranch.

Speaking of travel, we wanted to include a few game cam photos this time of some bucks who strode across our feeders in the past few weeks.

These are some good looking bucks and they’re just waiting for you here at Dos Plumas.

ONLY $325 A DAY!

$325 Daily (2 Day Minimum)

NO Trophy Fees!
Two Nights Lodging
Meals on your own (full kitchen in lodge)
You may harvest 1 Whitetail Buck, 1 Doe and 1 Hog
Add an extra day of bow hog hunting for $150 —
includes: lodging, hunting and 1 hog any size
Stay another night with no hunting for $35

And since everyone knows we’re famous for our hog hunting, we wanted to include a picture of this beast snapped by one of our cameras on the ranch. That’s a big pig!

Maybe not the type of ham you serve with Thanksgiving dinner, but if you wanted to, you could feed a family of 20…come join us for some Dos Plumas Hog Hunting!

Contact us now and reserve
YOUR spot, or call
Brice or Allen at (806) 778-5949.

Thank you for your support over the years, and we wish you all the happiest of holiday seasons.

May God bless you and yours!

Allen and Lori Williams