Texas Hog Hunting Advantages

There is no doubt that Texas has more than its fair share of wild hogs. In fact, Texas wild hogs have been one of the most difficult species to control in the state. At Dos Plumas Ranch we have opportunities to hunt wild hogs practically 365 days a year!

It’s estimated that Texas has over 2.6 million wild hogs. Wild hogs can survive almost any conditions or climates. They love every part of Texas and have no natural predators to speak of. They have the ability to eat almost anything using their strong, long snouts to root up the ground to upwards of 3 feet. They extract seeds, roots of all kinds and small insects and grubs from the ground and can literally destroy yards and fields of all sizes.

This makes wild hog hunting in Texas is one of the most sought after hunting opportunities the state has to offer! It’s no wonder since Texas has very few restrictions on methods of hunting or even trapping the elusive wild hog. Every year hundreds of thousands of wild hogs are shot from blinds, helicopters, or trapped and sold to slaughter houses to satisfy the European meat market. Dos Plumas Hunting Ranch alone accounts for several thousand wild hogs harvested in Texas!

Wild hogs are tough and smart animals. Our hunters need every advantage they can get to take down one of these animals. We take care of the many daily behind the scene chores from baiting the areas to setting up stands to insuring you have a clean comfortable lodge at the end of the day to name just a few…all you need is your weapon of choice. Because of their ability to handle some pretty serious punishment when it comes to high powered weapons, we recommend our hunters use at least .243 and up and to aim for the base of the ear. We’ve seen larger wild hogs take multiple rounds from a 30.06 and keep running. But the base of their ear proverbial achilles heel. If the hunter shoots the wild hog at the base of the ear they should go right down with very little or no tracking needed. Plus you won’t ruin any meat if you use this tried and true method of putting down a Texas wild hog. Bow hunters need to also be mindful of their arrow placement. Bow hunters should always aim for their elbow as the wild hog’s heart is low and forward.

In Texas we can utilize feeders or bait for another advantage to harvesting wild hogs. At Dos Plumas we run feeders every day of the year and also corn roads to insure the wild hogs show up so hunters have ample opportunity to fill their coolers.

We look forward to having you at Dos Plumas Hunting Ranch where we work hard to insure every hunter at the ranch has an excellent opportunity to harvest their Texas wild hogs! We want you to come back again and again…making memories along the way.

Give us a shout or send us an email and we will be glad to answer any questions or requests you might have.